– My B A S I C Rules – :

⊱Spoil Me and treat me like the Goddess I am.
⊱I will never fuck you…ever.
⊱My time is valuable…don’t you dare waste it and you better pay for it!
♚♚STOP!!! before you dare to open my box you better be ready to hand me in your wallet.
I could care less about your debts, if your broke ass can’t afford my time..FUCK OFF

you better understand:

I am a precious gem, one of a kind, beautiful, strong, and powerful, I am a Goddess…I am everything you will NEVER be, and the woman you will NEVER have.
And look…Once you enter my world you are F U C K E D.

I’m a mind fuck, and I’m the best doing it, I will make you believe what I want you to believe, I will use you to my convenience and take advantage of you in every way possible. I will make you hate me and need me, I will become your obsession and make you want more and more…..I will make you go broke.

So you still want to kneel at my feet and give yourself entirely to Me?
Well these are few things your stupid self needs to understand before even trying:

– b a s i c s –

~ T r i b u t e ~
You want to show me you are serious? P A Y
You need my attention? P A Y
You want and need me to be your Goddess? P A Y

I will not lose my time with your lame ass if you are not even able to afford My time.
you will only watch me pass you by wishing to be able to kneel at this Goddess’s feet and thinking what a loser you really are.

~ R u l e s ~
-if you have NO money…GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!!!!!!
– you may call me Goddess
– you are MINE, period.
* I own you, not the other way around, know your place or FUCK OFF
* don’t you dare fuck around with another bitch
* you are here to please Me.
* you are nothing to me but a pig I will drain till there’s nothing left.
* I own not only your lame SL but also your loser RL too.
– For every mistake you make there’s a fee you WILL pay, for being so fucking stupid. I will set the fee depending on my mood in the moment and it will increase for every mistake you make.
– I control you.
* I control your wants and needs. FUCK THAT you don’t have wants and needs I care for it’s all about ME, and that will be more than enough for you because you are here to please me right bitch?
* you will never question Me, that is considered a very SERIOUS MISTAKE and you will be more than fucked.
*skype will be needed.
– I will NOT fuck you….E VE R

-your bank account is  M I N E.

Remember loser this is MY game, MY time, MY rules, I will drain you physically and emotionally, I will rape your wallet every time I WANT and you will love it, you will need it. And like I said before you are now FUCKED.


No Age play
No Scat

* we will discuss your hard limits once; I will respect them and that’s it. don’t fucking play games and begin to make them up as we go, you will only get more fucked over.